I’ve got some karaoke tracks. Can I record my vocals to them?

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Young singers have a resource today that can be a major boost in helping them create demos and develop their talent. There are wonderful, fully orchestrated back-up tracks available that can provide the underpinnings for a demo recording and keep your studio budget at a small fraction of what it would be to produce that material from scratch.

However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Unless you are looking to be hired as an impersonator, copying another artist’s performance is really not going to get you anywhere. To do a song just like Bruce Springsteen or Faith Hill did it originally might lead your listener to draw that comparison, in which case, you’re almost always going to come up second. After all, the reason the song became popular in the first place was due to the original artist’s rendition. So when working with back-up tracks you should make sure to bring something truly unique to tonal quality, phrasing, and interpretation.

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