My friend has a home studio and great software. Why shouldn’t we just record there?

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The technology available to the personal recordist today is nothing short of phenomenal. Then again, it is, even in the simplest versions, quite complex. Depending upon the expertise of the engineer running the equipment you should be able to turn out a very adequate recording.

So you may want to consider some of the following factors:
Will you have adequate space for all your players to play together? After all, music is at its best when players are feeding off of each other’s energy and musical inspiration.

Will the acoustic space you’re playing in allow your instruments to sound their best? Every room has a sonic coloration. The size, shape and materials in the room all have an effect on your sound.

How is my recording environment going to be isolated from extraneous outside noise?
It’s really frustrating to have just laid down the most exciting performance you’ve ever done and then learn that your track is sharing that performance with the trash truck that just drove by.

How long will I be waiting while my engineer figures out how to set up my next take?
When you are inspired to play, even a small detour can get in the way of your musical genius unfolding. You want to make sure that the technical process is not standing in your way and that when you’re ready to lay down a great take, so is your engineer.

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