Kindred Spirits

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So many people have asked about our experience at the GRAMMYs.  A fellow voting member of NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) has given an account of her experience that closely mirrors my own.  Katie Garibaldi and I don’t know each other and, so far, have not met at an Academy event.  But her blog post speaks to the strength of membership in NARAS and its commitment “to advance artistic and technical excellence, work to ensure a vital and free creative environment, and act as an advocate on behalf of music and its makers.”


The camaraderie and fellowship you find within the ranks of the Academy give you the sense that you actually do play a part in our industry which, by its sometimes overwhelming size and diversity, can feel a bit daunting.  It’s about the MUSIC and knowing the part you play really does fit into the big picture.



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