Communicating Through Facial Expression

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At recent musical events, be it the Reno Chamber Orchestra, Reno Philharmonic or a recent Yes rock concert, I found myself first noting the visual.  My discipline of study is in dance.  So, the relationship between music and the body is innately what I notice first.  Mike is all about the audio.  I am deaf in one ear so I may not share his depth of immersion in the sound.  But I do notice what filling up with music does naturally to one’s body, be it the artist making the music or the listener attending the event.  The body naturally reflects the music.  Take a moment, the next time you are listening, to look around and see what the music “looks like.”  It’s great fun!  But what if that was turned around?  Can someone’s physicality (facial expression) influence the music?  I found a brilliant example of this in the attached you-tube link.  Watch and enjoy.

Catherine Eardley



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