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Like many families, ours is scattered all across the country.  We try to get together where we all grew up in New York, but that is getting more difficult as the next generation is beginning to launch.  Recently, it was announced that a new baby would be joining the family!  Great news, we are all thrilled to welcome this addition!  But, how do we introduce ourselves and not overwhelm this child at her first family gathering?  We got creative!  We had each member of the family record themselves reading a children’s book on their phone and email us the file.  We then edited each reading (to get page turn noises out, hesitations or rereads fixed) and added background music.  This brought the readers words to life.  Giving the readings an order, we compiled a cd complete with a cut list detailing which Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent or cousin was reading.  We developed graphics using pictures of each family member reading and sent it off to the new parents, books included.  Now, the baby will be familiar with our voices before she even meets us!  The project brought the family together and a loving gift, that can not be bought in any store was created.  The magic of technology, voice, love and creativity coming together to welcome a new member to the family!  We love what we do!

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